Soccer! Worlds Most Popular Sport.

Real Madrid // Barca
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Hello Readers,

You probably already know this about me but I love soccer. Last year I did a soccer camp called  Upper Island Riptide. I had lots of fun and learned a lot in that camp. I am on the Comox rep or select team. There are two teams on the rep team. We have lots of games and practices. Our team is in the top tier which  is good but we have to play the hardest teams. We only play teams from  Nanaimo witch is annoying driving there every week.

 This year I am doing a soccer camp called  Rush. Lots of people on my soccer team have done Rush and they recommend it so I’m trying it out. I am not doing Riptide this year though.

I used to like Messi but I don’t like him as much anymore. I like Ronaldo and Neymar. I like Ronaldo just a bit more though. My favourite team is Real Madrid, the team that Ronaldo plays on. I think almost all of the players on Real Madrid are good but the players I like most are Ronaldo, Rodregiez, Navas, Benzima, Ramos, Marselo, and Kroos. Sadly, Rodrigeuz is not on Real Madrid anymore, though. There are plenty of different leagues out there but the main ones are Laliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Premier league, MLS, and Bundesliga. My favourite team from Laliga is Real Madrid which is my overall favourite team, my favourite team from Ligue 1 is PSG. One of my favourite players is on PSG. My favourite team from Serie A is Juventus because they are the best team in Serie A. my favourite team from the Premier league is Manchester city because I think that they are a really good team but not the best. my favourite team from the MLS is Toronto FC because my sister lives in Toronto. and my favourite team from Bundesliga is Bayren Munich witch is the team Rodrigeuz is on now. Also Bayren Munich is the best team in Bundesliga.

I hope you learned about my soccer and the soccer I like to watch.




4 thoughts on “Soccer! Worlds Most Popular Sport.

  1. Hi James, my name is Erika. I am a college student at Stockton University in Pomona, NJ. I loved your blog. Your writing demonstrates how passionate you are about the sport of soccer. You are very knowledgable about the players too. Your blog caught my eye because I am also a huge fan of soccer. I have been playing since I was 3 years old. I played rec., travel, select teams, school teams and even in college. I still play today on a women’s team. I am also a local high school girls soccer coach. One of my favorite games that I ever got to see in person was on a trip to Spain. While I was in Spain we got to got to Camp Nou (where the Barcelona team plays). It was an incredible experience. Their stadiums are huge and full of fans. We even got the chance to watch Messi play in his home stadium. Keep up with your writing, it is enjoyable to read. Great job!

    • Hi Erika,
      That is cool that we both like soccer. Watching Barcelona play would be so cool to watch. It seems like you have been playing soccer for a long time. Glad you enjoyed reading the post and have a great day.

  2. Hi James,
    Hi! I’m Katelyn and I loved your post! I play soccer to and it’s great to find someone who knows about soccer. You seem to know a lot about soccer and you taught me a lot from your post. Feel free the check out my blog: God job!

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