A Harris Burdick Mystery: A Strange Day In July

Stone Skipping,

It was a warm day in July. A perfect day for the beach. Edward and his friend Jim decided to spend the day by the ocean, so they cycled to the beach on there old rusty bikes. The path they were biking on was a old road in the country. They  have never seen a a car on that road ever. Little did they know it was a odd day. As they cycled an the gravel road to the beach Jim’s bike was creaking loudly. Finely they got to the beach. There wasn’t anyone at the beach. It was just them. Edward wanted to see who could skip the stone the furthest (because he is great at skipping stones). Jim who wasn’t so fond of the idea started skipping stones anyways. As Jim whipped his stone Edward saw a stone magically floating towards him. Edward picked up the smooth stone and mumbled “That’s my stone”. They both bolted back to there bikes and sped back to there homes. I guess know one will ever know what happened on that strange day in July.

4 thoughts on “A Harris Burdick Mystery: A Strange Day In July

  1. Hi James,
    This was a great short story, well thought out and interesting. remember grade 5 when we wrote are Harris Burrdick stories that was fun. I enjoyed how you gave the perfect amount of mystery and detail. great story really liked it.
    from Gavin

  2. Hi James! My name is Kaeleigh and I am a college student from New Jersey. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was the perfect length to keep your reader interested and it gave them all of the details needed. I also really liked how you made the ending a mystery. Doing this will keep your audience intrigued and guessing what the reason could be for the floating stone. Good Job!

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