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I really enjoyed learning about homeless people because I think kids should know more about them. I have learned a lot of stuff I never knew about homeless people. We read a article about a couple of people interviewing 157 homeless people in the Comox valley and I thought it was very interesting. Then they put in a present of the kinds of people that are homeless. Something that really surprised me was that 42 present of people are from indigenous background in the Comox valley. Only 5 present of the population in the Comox valley is indigenous. Another thing that surprised me is only 12 present of people become homeless because of job loss. I would of thought that almost half of homeless people are homeless because they lost there job.


After learning more about homelessness it has changed my opinion about homeless people. I never really thought about anybody helping out the homeless people but we help them more then I thought. I used to think that homeless people are bad people and have addictions but after really learning about them they are just like us but just need a bit of support. When I went to Toronto there were lots of homeless people. Whenever I walked past someone living on the streets I would feel nervous and uncomfortable. Now I feel more comfortable because I know they won’t hurt anybody and they are just like us. Homelessness is a big problem everywhere.



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