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Hello viewers,

This post is all about the small town I live in, Comox. Comox is located in the west of Canada.







First of all it rains A LOT, but that is one of the only downsides to living in  The Town of Comox. In this post I will be listing three reason I love the Comox Valley. One of my favorite places to go in the Comox  Valley is Mt. Washington. Not just the skiing but in the summer I go hiking with my dad we have never stayed overnight but we have done day hikes. Skiing is also really fun I cross country ski but I would like to try downhill skiing

The second place I love is the woods. The forest is right behind our school. Sometimes we go in the forest for gym. Out of school I love biking in the forest with my friends. We also like to put our bikes down and explore the woods. Once we found a ax! We didn’t use it though we put it in a spot where nobody will find it so we can find it again.

The third and final favorite place in Comox is the skatepark. This year me and my friends have gone to the skatepark so many times. I always bring my scooter and go off jumps and ramps. Occasionally we scooter up to Starbucks and have something to drink. Another skatespark I like to go to is the linc. I have only been there for birthday parties but it is very fun. In one room there is a huge bowl. Last time I went there I finely dropped in.

Well those are my three favorite things/places in Comox. Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Hey James, how are you? My name is Zachary Burns and I am a student at Stockton University. I am from Washington Township, New Jersey in the United States. Below is a picture of where I am from. Comox sounds like a really cool place to grow up and live in. It must stink that it rains so much, but its a good thing there are still fun things to do in the rain. One of my favorite things to do too is bike riding. My dad and I used to mountain bike in the woods near my house when I was younger. However, near my house, there aren’t many mountains so I was never able to get into skiing. Is it fun or is it hard? It seems like something I would be interested in. I do like how you hid the ax so only you and your friends could find it, that is something my friends and I would do too. Scootering was never my strong suite, but rollerblading was always a fun time, especially at birthday parties like you mentioned. Also, I could not help but notice that under “Jame’s Blog” it says “Eat. Sleep. Soccer”. Well it turns out that I am also a soccer fan and player. I play at Stockton and my favorite team is Chelsea. What’s your favorite team? It was nice learning a little about you and where your’e from James, and I hope you have a wonderful day too!

    • Hello Zachary,
      Comox is defiantly a cool place to live but it does stink that it rains all the time. Skiing is hard the first couple times but then it is pretty easy after yo get the hang of it. I have never actually tried rollerblading but I always see other people rollerblading down my street. My favorite team is real Madrid. You should check out my soccer posts if you are into soccer. Have a amazing day and happy blogging.

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