My Geo Bunny

Hey everyone

The last couple of weeks We have been working on a project called The Geo Bunny Contest. We did this project to practice our formulas for perimeter and area. Basically you crate a bunny only out of geometric shapes. Then you write all the shapes you used in your geo bunny and write down the dimensions. Lastly you would write the formulas for area and perimeter and answers. We did this project to learn about using protractors, area, and perimeter.

There are also awards. There are six awards. Three of the awards are the art of the bunny and the other three awards are about the math of the bunny. We have already handed out the three awards for the art. sadly I did not win any of those awards but there are still more to come. Next I will tell you about the bunny bio.

The bunny bio you write a story about your bunny and include  his/her special attributes. My bunnies name is Garfield. This is my bunny bio: Garfield is a chocolate loving bunny. For fun Garfield plays soccer, eats chocolate, or does his job. The thing that makes garfield unique is his money. Garfield is very rich. He has a mansion with a pool and a soccer field. The last thing about Garfield is that he works as a realtor agent so he can find the best deals for a house.


Hi Everyone,

FútbolCreative Commons License Ian D. Keating via Compfight

You probably know I love soccer. You might learn a bit about soccer during this post.

First of all I am on the Comox valley U12 rep soccer team. My favourite position is left midfield. I used to play left defence but I like to play left midfield now. My number is 37 on my rep team. My cleats are Messi indoor and Magista outdoor. This year I joined a soccer program called Upper Island Riptide. I will be playing soccer four days a week including Riptide three days a week and rep one day a week!

Time to talk about professional soccer. My favourite soccer player is Messi. He plays for a team called Barcelona FC. Barcelona is my favourite soccer team. Barcelona plays a 4-3-3 lineup. Forward:  LF- Neymar, CF- Suarez, RF- Messi. Midfield: LM- Iniesta, CM- Busquets, RM-Rakitic. Defence: LD- Digne, CD- Pique, CD- Mascherano, RD- Vidal, GK- Bravo.

My favourite international team is Argentina. Messi is from Argentina, and Argentina came second in the last World Cup. In four World Cups, Germany has beaten Argentina in the finals. Argentina always seems to come second!

I hope you learned a little bit about soccer.

Who is your favourite soccer player?


Alphabet Me

Now I Know ...
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Hello viewers,

This post is all about me. But there is a slight twist. Each letter I have to say something about me but matches with the corresponding letter. Enjoy!

A My favorite soccer player Messi was born in Argentina.

B Recently our school was in a basketball tournament. We won two games and lost two.

C My sister likes to play Candy Crush in her spare time. My sister is on level 1025.

D I have a dog named Rosie. She is small but she is not very nice. She is also very annoying.

E My favorite breakfast is eggs. My favorite way I like it is scrambled.

F I like to hang out with my friends, especially on the weekends.

G Our class owns a fish tank and we own a snail named Gary.

H Hockey.  It’s one of my favorite sports because it is very fast paced<<<<

I I have never seen a Iguana but I would love to meet one.

J One of my favorite you tubers is Jake Paul.

K One of my favorite basketball players is Kyrie Irving.

L My favorite thing to do in school is Learn.

Macaroons  are one my favorite food. They are so good.

N I like to watch T.V. on Netflix.

O My sister lives in Ontario.

P My favorite food is Pizza.

Q Our teacher is the Queen of Smarthlandia.

R A few months ago I won a Razor Scooter.

S In our class we have a kingdom called Smarthlandia.

T I can do lots of lit tricks on my Trampoline.

U In the spring I will be starting a soccer academy called Upper Island Riptide.

V My aunt was born in Vietnam.

W I have never gone Whale watching but I would like to.

X I had an X-Ray when I had pneumonia.

Y Our family likes to play Yahtzee.

Z This year our family are going to the Toronto Zoo.

I hope you enjoyed the alphabet me. See you in the next post.



The Cupid Catcher


Breaking news! Ms. Smiths class just had a breakout and found Cupids location and they setting up traps in Cupids location. But they are only keeping the love for themselves. Well, Cupid will be late for dinner. Well I guess no one can stop them now. Even though I am protesting against this I will tell you about my personal favorite trap and explain how it works.
James is the operator. “James how is this supposed to work” “ Well everyone knows it is boiling hot in Perth so he will see a shady spot underneath a nice tent with lemonade and other snacks right when he walks inside I will snap the front door down.

Hudson is the engineer. “Was this a hard trap to make Hudson” ” Yes it was” ” The hardest part to make was probably the control panel” I also think that this trap is the most friendly trap of them all because it is spacious, it has food, and water.

They came up with the idea when the were camping in Australia. They were going to roast there marshmallows so Hudson walked inside the tent. James wanted to play a prank on him so he pulled down the front of the tent. That is when it hit them to lure him in then pull down front of the tent with the control panel.

Well that is it for today’s breaking news.




Places That I Want To Go: Norway

Hi Readers,

Although I have never been there, one of my favourite places in the world is Norway. Today I will be talking about the country of Norway.

Winds of Winter vladislav@munich via Compfight


Skiing originated in Norway. The Japanese got the idea of salmon sushi from Norway, and Norway is also the world’s largest exporter of salmon. Norway has the fourth largest number of Winter Olympic medals after Russia, Canada, and the U.S.A. The Norwegian currency is called the Norwegian krone. One Norwegian krone equals 15 Canadian cents. The capital city is Oslo, which is the largest city in Norway. Norway was originally called Norweg meaning the northern way. The national bird of Norway is the White Throated Dipper. Norway’s national symbol is the lion. The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is famous for painting “The Scream”.

Baby Scream ALDO CRISCI via Compfight


Why I Want To Go There

First of all I would love to go to Norway because of all the skiing. It is very snowy in Norway in the winter. I started to like Norway during in the 2010 Winter Olympics. My dad showed me a really cool sport called the Biathlon that involves cross-country skiing and shooting. Norway always won that event. In the winter, Oslo has only six hours of sun, and the Northern Lights also happen quite often at night. I really want to go to the Oslo opera house because they let you walk on the roof! It is a modern building that opened in 2008. There are also lots of hiking spots around Norway, and you can travel on Hurtigruten which is a cruise ship that goes all around the country. I think that Norway is really cool.

Silent 2 ● Jökulsárlónn Raymond Ling via Compfight


The highest mountain in Norway is called Galdhøpiggen which is 2,469 m high. The lowest point in Norway is the Norwegian Sea which is right at sea level.  Norway has over 300 mountains! Can you believe that! Norway is a very beautiful country.




Hello Readers

I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas. Today I will talk about mine. To start off I  went up to Mt. Washington to go tubing with my sister and her friend Cade. The first couple of runs we all went together. The hill was a lot steeper than I thought. On my first run down the hill by myself, I sped down super fast! That night we hosted a party with all the adults around our neighbourhood. I sat in the living room and watched Home Alone 1, 2, and 3 instead of talking to all the adults. Sadly we did not have the fondue this year because it was very snowy in Langley. My Grandparents couldn’t drive in the snow. We had Christmas in Coquitlam at my Grandma’s. For Christmas I got a Sphereo Ollie and a huge Nerf gun. The next day we went to my nana and pa’s house for Christmas dinner. There were fourteen people for dinner. The next couple of days we did a lot of visiting. In Vancouver it snowed a lot so I played in the snow. Driving home from my uncle’s we saw a car drifting across the freeway. Right when he got straightened out a semi truck zoomed pass. At the end of the holidays my sister flew back to Toronto and she got upgraded to first class!



Hello readers

I want to tell you something else about me. I deliver newspapers around my neighbourhood. I have two routes: the Record, and the Echo. The Echo papers are a lot smaller than the Record. I deliver the Record every Tuesday and Thursday, and I deliver the Echo every Friday. One thing that is very annoying is I deliver the Record on the same days as my soccer practices. I still have to do them every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I deliver newspapers to 92 houses for both routes. But it is worth it because I earn about one hundred dollars every month. I even have to deliver papers when it is like a blizzard. Each paper I deliver it is worth 7 cents. I sometimes get extra when there are special fliers or catalogues. At Christmas time a lot of people give me extra money or tips. The tips I get each year are about the same as one month of delivering the Record and Echo. With my paper money I am saving up for a new trampoline because I am joining a trampoline class in January.



Places I Want to Go

Hello readers,

If you read my “About Me” post you would know I love geography! This post is about a winter wonderland. Can you guess what it is? It’s Finland and yes it is a winter wonderland.

Syöte Leo-setä via Compfight


Finland is the third most sparcely populated country after Iceland and Norway with only 17 people per square kilometer. Finland is the country with the most lakes with a whopping 187, 888 lakes and also 179 888 islands.

They have a funny contest call the wife carrying world championship where husbands carry their wives. The course is 250m and goes through water and over obstacles. They also hold other weird sports such as mosquito hunting.

Why I Want to go There

In the winter there is loads of snow and I love snow. The activities you can do in the snow are snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. The sleds are pulled by husky dogs or reindeer. The Northern Lights are visible 200 nights per year. You can even do an overnight trip to see the Northern Lights. On those trips you can even have a sauna! The Finnish people love to have saunas. Finland just seems like a great place to go in the winter!


Dalton Highway Aurora Jason Ahrns via Compfight


The highest point is Halti which is actually just a border marker on the Norway border. The elevation is 1,324 m. The lowest point is the Baltic Sea that is 0 m. Finland has the third cleanest air after Canada and Iceland. Finland also has a lot of forests. The capital of Finland is Helsinki and the country has 5,532,994 people.

Helsinki Skyline Jonathan via Compfight

I hope you learned a little bit about Finland.




My Family Christmas Traditions

Hello Viewers

Zurich Rebecca Bollwitt via Compfight

Does your family have Christmas traditions? Well my family has a lot. One of the major ones is having Christmas at my Grandma’s house in Coquitlam because that is were most of our family lives. I really like that tradition because I get to see a lot of my family. Another one is the fondue with my Nana and Pa. A fondue is when you get to cook your own food in oil or broth. My favourite is the cheese dip. My Nana and I always have to try one shrimp each because we hate them. We also have rules. The rules are you can’t have two forks in the same pot at once. You have to use the right forks for the right pots, and put the right foods in the right pots. If you break a rule you get a fon-don’t and if you get three fon-dont’s you don’t get any more food, but we never end up following that rule. My sister usually announces the rules but this year she is in Toronto for her dance so I have to announce the rules this year. My favourite part is the chocolate pot. Once were all done we bring out a chocolate pot. We dip banana, cake, strawberries, raspberries, and orange slices. There are also sprinkles to dip the food in. My favourite is the strawberries. The last tradition is my sister and I get to open one present on Christmas Eve. It is always pyjamas so we can sleep in them on Christmas Eve. I like that tradition because I don’t have pyjamas that fit me around Christmas. What are your family traditions?


The Day The Zombie Ate Me!

Hello readers

Me as a zombie
Me as a zombie

Day ??? in the zombie Apocalypse. Food is running out. We are running out of water and not many people are left except for us. We ran to a cave nearby. All that was there were some sticks and mud. But we had to make the best of it. We started to put together a quick shelter for the night.

BANG! BANG! BANG! All off a sudden lots of zombies started to crowd around our shelter. One zombie broke through the shelter. “We are toast” I said. We ran down the cave. There were two paths. We threw our flashlight down one way and ran down the other. We blocked the cave they ran down with planks to trap them.

We ran outside and  into the town. One member saw a Walmart and wanted to go inside. I said “ yes but be quick”. He took ages. It started getting dark so we ran inside and found him. We all showed him how dark it was. He said we could make a toilet paper fort in Walmart and spend the night. There were no employees to get mad at us so we started. We started a challenge of who could make the best toilet paper fort. Right when we started a zombie walked in. He saw us. Thankfully there was just the one. We showed him the candy  to keep him off our back for a bit. By the way, I won the fort challenge.

The next morning was a lot more relaxing than yesterday. Until we noticed one of our guy’s was missing. He got bitten by a zombie and he turned on us. the zombies started to pour in. We all got bitten by the zombies started to take over the world.

I guess that it is impossible to defeat a zombie apocalypse. Do You have any ideas how you can Survive the zombie apocalypse.