October 25


Hi readers

(not my home)

The Family Dogan Kokdemir via Compfight

This post is about home. Home to me is not just a place it is a feeling. Home is somewhere you can go if you are feeling down or tired. Or someone like your parents or siblings. To me it is my family or my soccer team, or even some very close friends. sometimes when I am sick my dog even feels like home to me. That is home to me.

October 19



Hello everybody!

The Poppy and the Stormtrooper.

Jamie McCaffrey via Compfight

As most of you know that Halloween is coming very soon. The thing about Halloween is it is my favourite holiday. The reasons are because first of all you get loads of candy. Second of all the candy is free! Oh, just forgot you can dress up and stay up extra late.

This year I am dressing up the same as all my friends; we’re all being StormTroopers. Last year was a blast. I was Yoda from Star Wars. We got about one big pillow sack per person! Isn’t that so crazy.

This year our route includes a little bit of trail through the forest. We are very scared if we see would a clown in the small trail because we have been watching scary clown videos on YouTube such as Top Ten Scariest Clown Encounters or Top Ten Scariest Clown Attacks.

I think that this year we will have a great Halloween and get loads of candy.

P.S. What are you being for Halloween.