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The Poppy and the Stormtrooper.

Jamie McCaffrey via Compfight

As most of you know that Halloween is coming very soon. The thing about Halloween is it is my favourite holiday. The reasons are because first of all you get loads of candy. Second of all the candy is free! Oh, just forgot you can dress up and stay up extra late.

This year I am dressing up the same as all my friends; we’re all being StormTroopers. Last year was a blast. I was Yoda from Star Wars. We got about one big pillow sack per person! Isn’t that so crazy.

This year our route includes a little bit of trail through the forest. We are very scared if we see would a clown in the small trail because we have been watching scary clown videos on YouTube such as Top Ten Scariest Clown Encounters or Top Ten Scariest Clown Attacks.

I think that this year we will have a great Halloween and get loads of candy.

P.S. What are you being for Halloween.  

24 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Hey James!

    You look really excited about Halloween and so am I. The Idea of dressing up as storm troopers with your friends is pretty good. Me and my friends are dressing up as rappers and I’m really excited about that, I get what you mean about the clowns everywhere but I don’t think much people do that stuff here in Comox but I would be pretty scared to see a clown at night but there’s going to be other kids will be out there to so I think it’ll be okay.

    • Hi Tyler
      It is pretty cool that you and your friends are dressing up as rappers. I wonder if either of us are going to see clowns probably not.
      see you soon -James

    • Hi dad
      I don’t think that it will be that hat to dress up as a philosopher considering you are one. But there will be more dressing up to be a Stormtrooper.
      See you soon-James

  2. Hi James,
    That sounds really fun I wish I could come (tear tear). I am also really scared about the little trail and the creepy clowns. How much candy do you think we will get? I am super exited for Halloween! It is also my favorite holiday.


    • Hi Hudson
      I think that we will get just a bit more candy then last year. But that trail has no light except for a dim light at the end of the trail. I think we will have even more fun this year. see you soon

  3. Hi James, my name is Ethen and I’m part of the #studbc in Mrs.Kriese’s class from Texas and I think it’s really cool that you are going to be a storm trooper for Halloween. This year I’m dressing up as Luke Skywalker! I know that in Canada 2 languages are spoken, can you both French and English? Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays! You get about a bajillion prices of cand for FREE! I noticed that you are scared of killer clowns, I hope there are known when we are on a treasure hunt for the best candy. Is your favorite sport Hockey? You seem like a cool and we some person!!! Here is a link to check out my blog http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/ethen8502022/

    • Hi Ethen
      To start off you were right there are two languages in Canada including French and English. How many languages do you have in Amarica. You are dressing up as Luke cool!. Maybe not a bajillian but still a lot. My favourite sport is soccer if you read my about me page. Have you seen our teachers bog called huzzah. You should she uploads a lot more freaquent then I do.

  4. Hi James! My I’m Thomas, I’m from Mrs Flannery’s class in Western Australia. You seem really excited for Halloween, so am I. I was thinking of dressing up as a vampire of some sort this year.
    If you are into travel blogs or just blogs about how peoples day has been then you’re welcome to come visit my blog. I mainly write about travelling from when my family went around Australia in our caravan.
    Here’s the link 8tom.edublogs.org
    p.s. If you were wondering, yes we do have Halloween here in Australia, but it is a lot less popular.
    p.p.s If you were wondering how I found your blog, I am part of #16stubc and I just felt like looking for some new blogs to read.

    • HI thomas!
      I am very exited about halloween. I think you should dress up as a vampire they are very cool. I was vampire like 3 or 4 times in a row when I was younger.I love geography I think that I will love your blog. Were is Western? Thought there might be not very trick or treaters in Australia. Do you like soccer because I love it.

  5. Hello James!

    It’s Ben here. I thought this was a great post! continue the great work! I am so excited to trick n’ treat with you! I agree that Halloween is awesome because of all the reasons you put down! I am going to be a storm trooper just like you! I am so excited to get all the candies and I am excited for all the fun we are going to have! next Monday is going to be great! Bye! I hope you respond to this comment! Have a good day! Or year!


    Ben T.

    • Hi ben
      Thanks ben. I think that this year will be great. How much candy do you think you will get? See you soon

    • Hi ben

      I think that everyones favourite part about Halloween is the candy. I do not know what a mafia member is?.

  6. Hey I’m LaQuavious from Ms. Kriese’s class in Texas. That’s so cool that you are going to be a storm trooper for Halloween and you got a whole pillow case full of candy. I hope you don’t get attacked by clowns when you’re in the woods. Come and look at my blog, here’s the link http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/phillip8502022/

    • Hi Stewie
      My favourite Star Wars character is either ray or Finn. Have you herd about the new Star Wars movie coming out. It is called rouge 1. It looks great. Are you into Star Wars that much? Have you seen Kylo Rens hair. What are you going to be for halloween?

  7. Hello James,

    I agree that Halloween is the best holiday. You can express who you really are, by dressing up. You can show what type of person you are the way you dress. You can also go to every house and a junk load of candy. BTW don’t eat to much candy you can pass out, but enjoy the candy.

    If you want to visit my blog go to http://alejamarti4004.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Alex?
      I agree that you can express who you are with your costume. I will not eat a lot of candy at all I always save it. This year I got loads of candy. BTW what did you dress up for Halloween? How much candy did you get? have you read my other posts? Glad you enjoyed.

  8. Hello James I am Luc. I’m a grade 6 student writing to you from Mr.Listers class, Strathcona elementary Chilliwack British Columbia. I’m writing to you because Halloween is my favourite holiday and I’m also training to be a better commenter. You said you were all dressing up as Stormtroopers for Halloween, I have a huge connection with that because my dad loves star wars and whenever it’s on my dad forces (pun not intended) me to watch it. I also have an answer to what I was for Halloween, I was a banana and it was tough because my peel kept making it so I can’t see and I ran into poles a lot. You must really like star wars if you dressed up as Yoda last year and now Stormtroopers this year, how many of the movies have you seen? Do you have a dog? If you do then check out this Stormtrooper costume for dogs at this link http://ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/2014/10/04/awesome-stormtrooper-costume-dog/. Please check out my blog at http://lucsd33.edublogs.org/. I hope you got a lot of candy for Halloween, have a great day.

    • Hi luc
      I think that is really cool that your dad also loves star wars. I have watched all of the star wars movies. I have a dog named Rosie. I am very excited for the new movie rouge 1 to come out. Glad you enjoyed the post. more on there way.

  9. Hi James
    My name is Quinn and I’m from the Comox valley, Come visit our class blog at huzzah.edublogs.org. Your Halloween sounds like it’s going to be really fun. Halloween 2017 is coming up in the next week, I’m going to be it from the new movie it.

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