My Geo Bunny

Hey everyone

The last couple of weeks We have been working on a project called The Geo Bunny Contest. We did this project to practice our formulas for perimeter and area. Basically you crate a bunny only out of geometric shapes. Then you write all the shapes you used in your geo bunny and write down the dimensions. Lastly you would write the formulas for area and perimeter and answers. We did this project to learn about using protractors, area, and perimeter.

There are also awards. There are six awards. Three of the awards are the art of the bunny and the other three awards are about the math of the bunny. We have already handed out the three awards for the art. sadly I did not win any of those awards but there are still more to come. Next I will tell you about the bunny bio.

The bunny bio you write a story about your bunny and include  his/her special attributes. My bunnies name is Garfield. This is my bunny bio: Garfield is a chocolate loving bunny. For fun Garfield plays soccer, eats chocolate, or does his job. The thing that makes garfield unique is his money. Garfield is very rich. He has a mansion with a pool and a soccer field. The last thing about Garfield is that he works as a realtor agent so he can find the best deals for a house.


Hi Everyone,

FútbolCreative Commons License Ian D. Keating via Compfight

You probably know I love soccer. You might learn a bit about soccer during this post.

First of all I am on the Comox valley U12 rep soccer team. My favourite position is left midfield. I used to play left defence but I like to play left midfield now. My number is 37 on my rep team. My cleats are Messi indoor and Magista outdoor. This year I joined a soccer program called Upper Island Riptide. I will be playing soccer four days a week including Riptide three days a week and rep one day a week!

Time to talk about professional soccer. My favourite soccer player is Messi. He plays for a team called Barcelona FC. Barcelona is my favourite soccer team. Barcelona plays a 4-3-3 lineup. Forward:  LF- Neymar, CF- Suarez, RF- Messi. Midfield: LM- Iniesta, CM- Busquets, RM-Rakitic. Defence: LD- Digne, CD- Pique, CD- Mascherano, RD- Vidal, GK- Bravo.

My favourite international team is Argentina. Messi is from Argentina, and Argentina came second in the last World Cup. In four World Cups, Germany has beaten Argentina in the finals. Argentina always seems to come second!

I hope you learned a little bit about soccer.

Who is your favourite soccer player?