My Geo Bunny

Hey everyone

The last couple of weeks We have been working on a project called The Geo Bunny Contest. We did this project to practice our formulas for perimeter and area. Basically you crate a bunny only out of geometric shapes. Then you write all the shapes you used in your geo bunny and write down the dimensions. Lastly you would write the formulas for area and perimeter and answers. We did this project to learn about using protractors, area, and perimeter.

There are also awards. There are six awards. Three of the awards are the art of the bunny and the other three awards are about the math of the bunny. We have already handed out the three awards for the art. sadly I did not win any of those awards but there are still more to come. Next I will tell you about the bunny bio.

The bunny bio you write a story about your bunny and include  his/her special attributes. My bunnies name is Garfield. This is my bunny bio: Garfield is a chocolate loving bunny. For fun Garfield plays soccer, eats chocolate, or does his job. The thing that makes garfield unique is his money. Garfield is very rich. He has a mansion with a pool and a soccer field. The last thing about Garfield is that he works as a realtor agent so he can find the best deals for a house.

6 thoughts on “My Geo Bunny

  1. Hi James,
    your geo bunny is very cool. I like the characteristics of your geo bunny like how he likes soccer and loves to eat chocolate and how his name is garfield. Your bunny also looks like his is very rich like you said. I am looking forward to the chance of maybe getting to design a geo bunny.


  2. Hi James,
    I’m Troy from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. Was the math part of making Garfield hard? If so, what was hard about it? Is there anything you would add to Garfield to make him look cooler? Maybe a soccer ball or have him holding a chocolate bar? Nice post. I like the tie you made him.

    • Hi Troy,
      It was not too hard to do the math part. I think it would be a very good idea to give him a Soccer ball. I also really like the tie. I thoght it would be a nice touch.

  3. Hi again. Allow me to comment on your post some more. Garfield seems like a very interesting bunny. It’s cool that Garfield is a realtor and likes to play soccer. My favorite thing about Garfield is that he’s wearing a tie.

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