Halloween 2

Hello Readers,

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Last year I made made a post about Halloween. I thought it was a pretty cool post so I’m making a second post about Halloween. Halloween is still my favorite holiday. The reason I love Halloween is because you get free candy. Who doesn’t like free candy? You also get to stay up extra late running house to house. The best part about Halloween is it is tomorrow!

I am going to be a morph-suit  for Halloween. I am going with some of my friends who are also being morph-suits. I am a green morph-suit. We have a whole route planned that is very long so we will get lots of candy. I am hoping we get even more candy than last year. I am also hoping that I get lots of Skittles because they are my favourite candy of all time. 

My plan is to try and get one pillow case or even more this year. Our class is making skits about Halloween safety and I think it is really important to stay safe on Halloween. I hope all of you have a fun and safe Halloween.

What are you being for Halloween?


8 thoughts on “Halloween 2

  1. Dear James,
    For Halloween, I was a book character, Percy Jackson, I did that because Percy Jackson is my favorite character in my favorite book series. I recommend you read the books. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to see most of my family. One more thing is that if you can comment and finish my short story.https://goo.gl/FN5pma

    • Hi Gabriel,
      I have never read the Percy Jackson books but I have seen the movie and the movies are very good.I also really enjoy Christmas but it is not my favourite. I will try to comment on your blog. Have a great day and keep blogging.

  2. Hi James,
    so you like Halloween to huh who would of thought.I went around my block and then just handed out candy for the rest of the night. so you use pillow cases for trick or treating did you fill it up or did you fill two up?
    Sincerely Gavin

    • Hi Gavin,
      I defiantly love Halloween!I filled up two pillow cases this year. Last year I only filled up one though. How much candy did you fill up?

  3. Hi James!
    I am a college student in the US. I love Halloween as well! I think it was so amazing that you decided to follow up on Halloween for the second time. Halloween may occur a year later, but nothing changes! It is still super fun and filled with candy. This year for Halloween I was a pineapple, and my friends were different fruits. It was so funny and we got to display ourselves through our costumes. I hope when you grow older you still love Halloween, because it is such a special holiday!
    Have a great day and continue to write amazing pieces like this!

    • Hi Ashley,
      I think dressing up as fruit is a great idea. I don’t know what I will be this year but Halloween is pretty far away from now. I hope you enjoyed reading my post about Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a great day.

  4. Hi James!
    I loved your post about Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays (I LOVE chocolate). This year for Halloween my co-workers and I were cans of play dough since we work in a preschool and the kids loved it. The kids wore their costumes too and we did a parade for the parents around the play ground it was so much fun. I hope you filled up your pillow case, I remember doing the same thing with my friends then trading candy at the end of the night!
    Keep up the great work blogging!!

    • Hi Victoria,
      I think play dough is a great idea for Halloween. Actually on Halloween I got play dough from a house. In grade four on Halloween me and my friend were trading our chocolate bar and I noticed I had a candy bar called baby Ruth. So I gave it to my friend.while I was eating snickers my friend put the baby Ruth in his mouth and through up immediately. Then he said “Baby Ruth is Baby Bad”

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