A Harris Burdick Mystery: A Strange Day In July

Stone Skipping,

It was a warm day in July. A perfect day for the beach. Edward and his friend Jim decided to spend the day by the ocean, so they cycled to the beach on there old rusty bikes. The path they were biking on was a old road in the country. They  have never seen a a car on that road ever. Little did they know it was a odd day. As they cycled an the gravel road to the beach Jim’s bike was creaking loudly. Finely they got to the beach. There wasn’t anyone at the beach. It was just them. Edward wanted to see who could skip the stone the furthest (because he is great at skipping stones). Jim who wasn’t so fond of the idea started skipping stones anyways. As Jim whipped his stone Edward saw a stone magically floating towards him. Edward picked up the smooth stone and mumbled “That’s my stone”. They both bolted back to there bikes and sped back to there homes. I guess know one will ever know what happened on that strange day in July.

Christmas Situation


Hello readers,

What if Santa Claus only had a beetle, a candy cane, and a surfboard to deliver all of the presents on Christmas? Usually when Santa delivers his presents on Christmas. He has lots of equipment. What if he didn’t have all of that equipment? This is what I think he would do.                                                       

 Beetle Andreas Kay via CompfightCandy Canes 3Creative Commons License Nicholas LabyrinthX via Compfight

It was Christmas eve. Santa was about to leave but then… The south pole elves stole everything except  for the surfboard he uses in Mexico, a leftover candy cane, and a small beetle. He wonders what he can do. He could surf around the world but that would take to long. He would also have to go on land. He didn’t know what to do until… the beetle starts to speak. The beetle said ” I can pull your surfboard across the land ” Santa mumbled to himself how fast can you pull the board? ” ” I am a horned dung beetle the strongest beetle in the world” the beetle said. Santa thought that the candy cane would be a nice snack to eat on the way. So the beetle and Santa surfed away. Once the got into the water the dung beetle said ” ugh how good are you at surfing”. “This is my first time” said Santa. They both saw a huge wake flying at them. SLAM! The wave crashes into them. Santa swims to the surface and sees the dung beetle riding the waves. He yells “Wait For Me!” The dung beetle stops and waits for Santa. The rest of the trip was pretty smooth. When they got back they saw the sleigh sitting there with a little sticky note on it. Santa read the sticky note. The sticky note said ” You should of put us on the nice list  -The south pole elves.” The next year Santa put them on the naughty list again.




Hello readers,


I really enjoyed learning about homeless people because I think kids should know more about them. I have learned a lot of stuff I never knew about homeless people. We read a article about a couple of people interviewing 157 homeless people in the Comox valley and I thought it was very interesting. Then they put in a present of the kinds of people that are homeless. Something that really surprised me was that 42 present of people are from indigenous background in the Comox valley. Only 5 present of the population in the Comox valley is indigenous. Another thing that surprised me is only 12 present of people become homeless because of job loss. I would of thought that almost half of homeless people are homeless because they lost there job.


After learning more about homelessness it has changed my opinion about homeless people. I never really thought about anybody helping out the homeless people but we help them more then I thought. I used to think that homeless people are bad people and have addictions but after really learning about them they are just like us but just need a bit of support. When I went to Toronto there were lots of homeless people. Whenever I walked past someone living on the streets I would feel nervous and uncomfortable. Now I feel more comfortable because I know they won’t hurt anybody and they are just like us. Homelessness is a big problem everywhere.