Heel Touching Masters.

Hello readers

This is Blake timing Eli



Do you know what heel touching is? Today I am going to show you.


First we had to think of a question we could ask people. Our first idea was how many times can you write “because” in thirty seconds. The problem with writing a word is that some people could have written a lot because they wrote messy and some not as many because they wrote neat. Then we came up with how many times you can touch your heel in thirty seconds. We asked Ms. Smith and she said yes but with control standards.

Control Standards

After Ms. Smith told us to make some control standards we got right to it. First of all you can not bend over while doing it. Second, we thought that you definitely had to be alternating feet. Third, you have to be standing upright.


This section will be a list of the equipment.

  1. Timer


We thought that the mean would be sixty seven heel touches. We also thought that the range would be eleven. We thought that there wouldn’t be any outliers at all.


The procedure was to hop up  and touch your heel then hop up and touch your other heel and just keep doing that until thirty seconds were over. We thought people would get very tired from hopping so much.

Our Data

Here is our organized data: 36, 47, 50, 53, 53, 56, 59, 62, 67, 67, 67, 67, 69, 71, 72, 73, and 85 By the way I got 85 heel touches.

Analysis of data

Surprisingly the range of the data was 49 which was a lot more than I thought. To get the range we just subtracted the largest number by the smallest 85-36=49. The mean was 62 so I was actually quite close. The way I got the mean was by adding all the numbers together 36+47+50+53+53+56+59+62+67+67+67+67+69+71+72+73+85=1054 then we divided it by the number of data points 1054÷17=62. the Mode was 67 if you could not tell from the data already. The median was also 67 thankfully it was just the middle number.

Comparing predictions

I was quite close to the mean for my prediction. I guessed 67 but the mean was 62. I was way off on the range. I guessed 11 but the range was 49. There were not any major outliers. So I made pretty bad predictions.

That was everything to know about our data analysis project. Group members: Blake’s blog Carson’s blog Briana’s blog