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I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas. Today I will talk about mine. To start off I  went up to Mt. Washington to go tubing with my sister and her friend Cade. The first couple of runs we all went together. The hill was a lot steeper than I thought. On my first run down the hill by myself, I sped down super fast! That night we hosted a party with all the adults around our neighbourhood. I sat in the living room and watched Home Alone 1, 2, and 3 instead of talking to all the adults. Sadly we did not have the fondue this year because it was very snowy in Langley. My Grandparents couldn’t drive in the snow. We had Christmas in Coquitlam at my Grandma’s. For Christmas I got a Sphereo Ollie and a huge Nerf gun. The next day we went to my nana and pa’s house for Christmas dinner. There were fourteen people for dinner. The next couple of days we did a lot of visiting. In Vancouver it snowed a lot so I played in the snow. Driving home from my uncle’s we saw a car drifting across the freeway. Right when he got straightened out a semi truck zoomed pass. At the end of the holidays my sister flew back to Toronto and she got upgraded to first class!


My Family Christmas Traditions

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Does your family have Christmas traditions? Well my family has a lot. One of the major ones is having Christmas at my Grandma’s house in Coquitlam because that is were most of our family lives. I really like that tradition because I get to see a lot of my family. Another one is the fondue with my Nana and Pa. A fondue is when you get to cook your own food in oil or broth. My favourite is the cheese dip. My Nana and I always have to try one shrimp each because we hate them. We also have rules. The rules are you can’t have two forks in the same pot at once. You have to use the right forks for the right pots, and put the right foods in the right pots. If you break a rule you get a fon-don’t and if you get three fon-dont’s you don’t get any more food, but we never end up following that rule. My sister usually announces the rules but this year she is in Toronto for her dance so I have to announce the rules this year. My favourite part is the chocolate pot. Once were all done we bring out a chocolate pot. We dip banana, cake, strawberries, raspberries, and orange slices. There are also sprinkles to dip the food in. My favourite is the strawberries. The last tradition is my sister and I get to open one present on Christmas Eve. It is always pyjamas so we can sleep in them on Christmas Eve. I like that tradition because I don’t have pyjamas that fit me around Christmas. What are your family traditions?




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The Poppy and the Stormtrooper.

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As most of you know that Halloween is coming very soon. The thing about Halloween is it is my favourite holiday. The reasons are because first of all you get loads of candy. Second of all the candy is free! Oh, just forgot you can dress up and stay up extra late.

This year I am dressing up the same as all my friends; we’re all being StormTroopers. Last year was a blast. I was Yoda from Star Wars. We got about one big pillow sack per person! Isn’t that so crazy.

This year our route includes a little bit of trail through the forest. We are very scared if we see would a clown in the small trail because we have been watching scary clown videos on YouTube such as Top Ten Scariest Clown Encounters or Top Ten Scariest Clown Attacks.

I think that this year we will have a great Halloween and get loads of candy.

P.S. What are you being for Halloween.