The Day The Zombie Ate Me!

Hello readers

Me as a zombie
Me as a zombie

Day ??? in the zombie Apocalypse. Food is running out. We are running out of water and not many people are left except for us. We ran to a cave nearby. All that was there were some sticks and mud. But we had to make the best of it. We started to put together a quick shelter for the night.

BANG! BANG! BANG! All off a sudden lots of zombies started to crowd around our shelter. One zombie broke through the shelter. “We are toast” I said. We ran down the cave. There were two paths. We threw our flashlight down one way and ran down the other. We blocked the cave they ran down with planks to trap them.

We ran outside and  into the town. One member saw a Walmart and wanted to go inside. I said “ yes but be quick”. He took ages. It started getting dark so we ran inside and found him. We all showed him how dark it was. He said we could make a toilet paper fort in Walmart and spend the night. There were no employees to get mad at us so we started. We started a challenge of who could make the best toilet paper fort. Right when we started a zombie walked in. He saw us. Thankfully there was just the one. We showed him the candy  to keep him off our back for a bit. By the way, I won the fort challenge.

The next morning was a lot more relaxing than yesterday. Until we noticed one of our guy’s was missing. He got bitten by a zombie and he turned on us. the zombies started to pour in. We all got bitten by the zombies started to take over the world.

I guess that it is impossible to defeat a zombie apocalypse. Do You have any ideas how you can Survive the zombie apocalypse.