Death In Space: Eaten By Alien

Hello readers,

In class we have done a small piece of writing called death in space. Our teacher showed us a video with about 15 different ways to die in space. We each had to choose a ways to die in space. The way I chose was…Eaten by alien

Finally bob landed on the moon. The moon was a lot cooler then bob had thought. He saw a strange bump coming out of the ground. Suddenly the mysterious gray bump jumped out and ate him. Bob was never to be seen again.


Where I Live

Hello viewers,

This post is all about the small town I live in, Comox. Comox is located in the west of Canada.







First of all it rains A LOT, but that is one of the only downsides to living in  The Town of Comox. In this post I will be listing three reason I love the Comox Valley. One of my favorite places to go in the Comox  Valley is Mt. Washington. Not just the skiing but in the summer I go hiking with my dad we have never stayed overnight but we have done day hikes. Skiing is also really fun I cross country ski but I would like to try downhill skiing

The second place I love is the woods. The forest is right behind our school. Sometimes we go in the forest for gym. Out of school I love biking in the forest with my friends. We also like to put our bikes down and explore the woods. Once we found a ax! We didn’t use it though we put it in a spot where nobody will find it so we can find it again.

The third and final favorite place in Comox is the skatepark. This year me and my friends have gone to the skatepark so many times. I always bring my scooter and go off jumps and ramps. Occasionally we scooter up to Starbucks and have something to drink. Another skatespark I like to go to is the linc. I have only been there for birthday parties but it is very fun. In one room there is a huge bowl. Last time I went there I finely dropped in.

Well those are my three favorite things/places in Comox. Have a wonderful day.