Places That I Want To Go: Norway

Hi Readers,

Although I have never been there, one of my favourite places in the world is Norway. Today I will be talking about the country of Norway.

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Skiing originated in Norway. The Japanese got the idea of salmon sushi from Norway, and Norway is also the world’s largest exporter of salmon. Norway has the fourth largest number of Winter Olympic medals after Russia, Canada, and the U.S.A. The Norwegian currency is called the Norwegian krone. One Norwegian krone equals 15 Canadian cents. The capital city is Oslo, which is the largest city in Norway. Norway was originally called Norweg meaning the northern way. The national bird of Norway is the White Throated Dipper. Norway’s national symbol is the lion. The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is famous for painting “The Scream”.

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Why I Want To Go There

First of all I would love to go to Norway because of all the skiing. It is very snowy in Norway in the winter. I started to like Norway during in the 2010 Winter Olympics. My dad showed me a really cool sport called the Biathlon that involves cross-country skiing and shooting. Norway always won that event. In the winter, Oslo has only six hours of sun, and the Northern Lights also happen quite often at night. I really want to go to the Oslo opera house because they let you walk on the roof! It is a modern building that opened in 2008. There are also lots of hiking spots around Norway, and you can travel on Hurtigruten which is a cruise ship that goes all around the country. I think that Norway is really cool.

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The highest mountain in Norway is called Galdhøpiggen which is 2,469 m high. The lowest point in Norway is the Norwegian Sea which is right at sea level.  Norway has over 300 mountains! Can you believe that! Norway is a very beautiful country.