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I want to tell you something else about me. I deliver newspapers around my neighbourhood. I have two routes: the Record, and the Echo. The Echo papers are a lot smaller than the Record. I deliver the Record every Tuesday and Thursday, and I deliver the Echo every Friday. One thing that is very annoying is I deliver the Record on the same days as my soccer practices. I still have to do them every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I deliver newspapers to 92 houses for both routes. But it is worth it because I earn about one hundred dollars every month. I even have to deliver papers when it is like a blizzard. Each paper I deliver it is worth 7 cents. I sometimes get extra when there are special fliers or catalogues. At Christmas time a lot of people give me extra money or tips. The tips I get each year are about the same as one month of delivering the Record and Echo. With my paper money I am saving up for a new trampoline because I am joining a trampoline class in January.



Places I Want to Go

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If you read my “About Me” post you would know I love geography! This post is about a winter wonderland. Can you guess what it is? It’s Finland and yes it is a winter wonderland.

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Finland is the third most sparcely populated country after Iceland and Norway with only 17 people per square kilometer. Finland is the country with the most lakes with a whopping 187, 888 lakes and also 179 888 islands.

They have a funny contest call the wife carrying world championship where husbands carry their wives. The course is 250m and goes through water and over obstacles. They also hold other weird sports such as mosquito hunting.

Why I Want to go There

In the winter there is loads of snow and I love snow. The activities you can do in the snow are snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. The sleds are pulled by husky dogs or reindeer. The Northern Lights are visible 200 nights per year. You can even do an overnight trip to see the Northern Lights. On those trips you can even have a sauna! The Finnish people love to have saunas. Finland just seems like a great place to go in the winter!


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The highest point is Halti which is actually just a border marker on the Norway border. The elevation is 1,324 m. The lowest point is the Baltic Sea that is 0 m. Finland has the third cleanest air after Canada and Iceland. Finland also has a lot of forests. The capital of Finland is Helsinki and the country has 5,532,994 people.

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I hope you learned a little bit about Finland.




My Family Christmas Traditions

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Does your family have Christmas traditions? Well my family has a lot. One of the major ones is having Christmas at my Grandma’s house in Coquitlam because that is were most of our family lives. I really like that tradition because I get to see a lot of my family. Another one is the fondue with my Nana and Pa. A fondue is when you get to cook your own food in oil or broth. My favourite is the cheese dip. My Nana and I always have to try one shrimp each because we hate them. We also have rules. The rules are you can’t have two forks in the same pot at once. You have to use the right forks for the right pots, and put the right foods in the right pots. If you break a rule you get a fon-don’t and if you get three fon-dont’s you don’t get any more food, but we never end up following that rule. My sister usually announces the rules but this year she is in Toronto for her dance so I have to announce the rules this year. My favourite part is the chocolate pot. Once were all done we bring out a chocolate pot. We dip banana, cake, strawberries, raspberries, and orange slices. There are also sprinkles to dip the food in. My favourite is the strawberries. The last tradition is my sister and I get to open one present on Christmas Eve. It is always pyjamas so we can sleep in them on Christmas Eve. I like that tradition because I don’t have pyjamas that fit me around Christmas. What are your family traditions?